China Industry News: Analysis of Craftsman Spirit
                                        Column:Industry Dynamics Time:2016-04-01

                                         In the past three years, due to work reasons, we have to have direct or indirect contact with business executives every day. Whenever we talk about the gap between German and Japanese manufacturing industries, the most striking term is "craftsman spirit". At present, the stock market is in turmoil, and the word appears more frequently. What is the spirit of craftsmen? How to cultivate it? Based on what I have seen and heard, the author tries to interpret this heavy word, aiming at attracting more attention and thinking about the future of China's manufacturing industry.

                                        The spirit of craftsmen is to work in one line, love one line, specialize in one line, and refine one line. They are pragmatic and willing to work. They are the spirit of hard struggle and the passion to work forward.

                                        The core problem of craftsman spirit is the sense of belonging. As the ancients said: three hundred and sixty lines, line out of the first prize. As long as we are willing to bend down, do things steadfastly, think and study fruitfully, try and explore persistently, and accumulate and precipitate for three to five generations, the company's product brand will enjoy national and even global reputation. Many hundred-year-old enterprises will stand erect in the national forest, and manufacturing powers will rise in the East!

                                        In this way, all enterprises and employees in the manufacturing industry need craftsmanship! So how do you bend down? How to do things steadfastly? How to cultivate craftsman spirit? We look for ways from both the enterprise and the individual levels.

                                        From the enterprise level, how can an enterprise solve the problem of people's sense of belonging? In the final analysis, it is necessary to ensure the basic rights and interests of those who are willing to do things and can succeed, that is, not to let honest people suffer losses, and to ensure the rights and interests of people who do things steadfastly. Some industries, some enterprises, some people easily access to extremely rich social resources, thus seriously harming the down-to-earth people to do things in the industry, business trust, these people will re-examine the sense of belonging in life. Therefore, an excellent enterprise must have a perfect and benign talent training mechanism, so as not to be afraid of the ups and downs outside the factory.

                                        The orientation and development strategy of an enterprise determines the talent training mechanism of the enterprise and whether the enterprise needs to cultivate the spirit of craftsmen. In the first half of 2015, orders of some enterprises in manufacturing industry were seriously insufficient, but sales of specialized, refined, special and exotic enterprises were still growing. Recently, more and more foreign-funded enterprises have built factories or even directly acquired excellent enterprises in China. With the acceleration of market attack of these foreign-funded enterprises, the market competition of manufacturing industry is becoming more and more cruel.

                                        At the same time, with the convenience of transportation in the global village and the improvement of production automation, when the global transportation cost drops and production automation reaches a critical point, many domestic enterprises relying on foreign key functional components will be worried, and foreign enterprises may directly produce finished products for sale. The key functional components, which need long-term technology development and accumulation, are the crystallization of energy and time of a generation or even generations. In terms of long-term interests of enterprises, it is necessary to train technical personnel and develop key core technologies effectively and persistently in order to face the fierce competition of domestic and even global manufacturing industries.

                                        Therefore, it is suggested that the positioning and development strategy of enterprises should be developed and formulated around the establishment of a century-old enterprise. Specifically speaking, it is based on cultivating and guiding correct values and outlook on life, assisted by appropriate and reasonable distribution of interests, and the responsible person of the enterprise guides the employees to the direction of positive energy with sincerity. Compared with Germany, Japan and other countries, the number of enterprises in China in the past century is still very small, especially in the field of manufacturing. While marveling at and envying the high profits of foreign products, exquisite manufacturing technology and rigorous working attitude of employees, the best domestic entrepreneurs have quietly accumulated scientific research strength and stepped on the road of enterprise upgrading.

                                        From a personal point of view, the front-line technicians in manufacturing industry are really very hard, and they are a long-term test for the body, mind and family. They need ten or even twenty years of accumulation and precipitation to achieve success. But the steadfastness and satisfaction brought about by work is incomparable to anything else. This kind of steadfastness and satisfaction is increasing with the accumulation of years, whether in enterprises, industries or society will eventually have its own place.

                                        Therefore, it is suggested that the long-term interests and immediate interests should be well combined, that is, to bend down, do things steadfastly, think and study fruitfully, and persevere in trying and exploring.

                                        He who works, loves, specializes and excels in his field, and possesses the spirit and ability of craftsmen, will never worry about unemployment or unemployment. In this pluralistic society, only one's own strength is the most reliable partner. The loneliness after the noise and the melancholy after the ostentation are not related to the craftsmen. The stable life will be accompanied by the craftsmen.

                                        In the market game of the jungle, there are no boundaries but wins or loses. The manufacturing industry must rely on our manufacturing colleagues to face together. The era of gaining high market profits by importing key functional components has gradually gone. Today, under the macro-economic downturn, it is imperative to rely on hard power to win market orders. It is also urgent to cultivate skilled craftsmen in big countries.